We are a strategic communications and advisory firm, and a think tank. We address the most pressing issues affecting our clients and stakeholders today.

Think Tank

The World in 2020+ is a think tank that provides finely crafted insights and guidance for leaders and organizations on the cutting edge of critical global and interdisciplinary issues, such as sustainability, public policy, strategic staffing development, ESG, and emerging technologies. The founder, Angela Chitkara’s, groundbreaking report, “World in 2020: Age of Organizational Transparency and Accountability," was prescient in covering the intersections of risk assessment, corporate and brand reputation, leadership, purpose, and the business case for DEI and ESG.

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Communications & Advisory firm

US-India Corridor is a strategic communications and advisory firm working with today’s global enterprises, start-ups, and not-for-profits doing business between the U.S. and India and beyond to serve clients in the markets where they serve and operate. We aim to change the playing field and foster inclusion within the multinational organizations we advise, helping to create competitive talent who are equipped to meet strategic business, financial and reputational goals.

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Foster Public-Private Partnerships

As a global geopolitical realignment is underway, we support multinational clients in making informed decisions in the best interest of their stakeholders across markets such as India, Singapore, UAE, Japan, Europe, Africa and beyond. We specialize in helping businesses enter new markets, by building offshoring solutions and forging socially impactful public-private partnerships globally.

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