Kapil Talwar
Entrepreneur – Melbourne

Kapil Talwar’s background combines business, managerial and technical experience. He has performed diverse, multi-functional roles with primary responsibilities in capital raising, financial modeling and budgeting, corporate strategy, business development, product planning, operations and program management.

Since 2001 he has identified and monetized business opportunities, developed and executed strategies for high growth markets in many industry sectors, including semiconductors, data services, engineering software and specialty chemicals. He co-founded Vihana, a semiconductor company, which was sold to Cisco Systems.

As an active angel investor, he advises small technology companies (environmental chemistry, software services and bioinformatics) in formulating corporate and business strategies. Mr. Talwar holds a BS from Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai, a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from Melbourne (AU) Business School.